Wedding gown for Margaery Tyrell - Marchesa Spring 2015 



DO YOU enjoy GRAINY photos of naked dolls?

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Oh my god I’m laughing so hard at that caption.
He turned out beautiful, I can’t wait to see him finished and with the new Anora!
Makes me want to get my Leonard soon but NO Adelle not yet

Thank you so much! <3

Not to enable, or anything, especially since they’re about a bajillion dollars, but Leonard is such an incredible sculpt. His nose and lips are perfection and that’s enough to make any Iple collector swoon, I think!

Who is your Leonard going to be? :D


I have this beautiful, vintage, doll bed. I don’t know the maker, but it is made like an /actual bed/, just in miniature. Its a bit longer than 60cm. I have put 63cm dolls on it and it still looks ok. Great for 60cm though. You can fit two on it and it looks totally scale. It has a hideous flower pillow for a mattress. Obviously you can cram a bunch more MSDs on it. I would also store accessories in a box under it. Basically, it needs some love. It still functions, and looks great, but the rails are aging and I’m not a furniture person. I have no clue how to fix this or restore this. I can ship it flat and will entertain any offers of trade, or money. Whatever you have sitting around that you just don’t want to deal with…lets trade for the thing I don’t want to deal with. :)


For anyone wanting to join Den of Angels and hasn’t seen this :3


Meng Huang, Kiki Kang and Liu Li Jie by Yin Chao for Harper’s Bazaar China September 2012.


I find it interesting how the people on doll websites and forums who start with “Sorry for bad English” usually use better spelling and grammar than the people who were raised speaking it.


Every time! I really admire them. I can barely write in one language.


Under gown for Margaery, Alberta Ferretti

❝ the loli one is actually a 30 years old with some kind of hormonal illness. she’s also bald. so she’s like a mature loli. and horny. ❞

- (via doa-says)


I can’t be together with someone who can’t accept my dolls. It may sound shallow, but how could I ever maintain a stable relationship if I’d have to strain myself because someone doesn’t like something that is a huge part of me and my life? Of course you can compromise but I think you get what I mean.

Image by BJDConfessions

It doesn’t sound shallow to need a partner that can at least tolerate your hobbies. I mean, this is a person you’ll spend a lot of your time with. It would be miserable if they hated what you enjoy.

Not being interested in dolls is understandable, but if they flat-out can’t let you enjoy something, they might not be mature enough for a relationship anyway.


Miyu in her armor. She is an alien biosynthetic from the planet Alida. By chance, she teleported from there right before the apocalypse of her homeworld on Ceros, the living planet in another system. Ceros was it it’s middleage era when she arrived, so she became the Archon - a knight who protects the world from chaos.

Egon’s armor is coming along really nicely, but I can’t finish quilting the sleeves until I get my sewing machine repaired. My son pushed it off my desk on my birthday this year and it’s now out of alignment and the socket for the foot pedal is broken. The day before that my son sprayed my computer with water and almost broke it, too, btw. I think he wanted to give me something memorable.

They also don’t make my machine anymore, so if it needs non-universal replacement parts, I could be screwed. I hope not! I love my machine! I don’t know why Sharp doesn’t make them anymore.


thefashionbubbleDolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014 Advertising Campaign, ph. by Domenico Dolce.