Accept the fact that your sewing machine hates you. You’re not friends. You were never friends.

Anyone who reblogs this and says it’s not true is actually a sewing machine trying to trick you. Don’t be taken in by their LIES.

Or we’re just really good at sewing…

If something gets screwed up, it’s no one’s fault but my own.

That sounds like something a sewing machine would say…


Dollshe’s David Kuncci looks like handsome squidward.


yaminekotsuki said: "Again?" "Don’t you have enough photos already?" "Why don’t you get a better camera?" "I need some accessories to go with this outfit." "You better snap that photo quick because I’m not holding this pose for long."

All of that, and “I cannot believe you sold my husband because you didn’t play with him anymore. And his replacement won’t be here for how many months?”

She also does have gauntlets and a necklace that go with this outfit but they’re such a pain in the ass to put on.


MAYBE I have a large collection because I want many dolls. MAYBE it’s because I work long hard hours and want to put money towards things I enjoy, not just bills. MAYBE I’m shelling all of my OCs I’ve had since my teen years. MAYBE, just maybe, it had absolutely nothing to do with showing off, being superior, making others feel bad, bragging, or lack of control. Some of us buy our dolls for our own pleasure, and work hard to earn them. It’s not always about popularity or status or being spoiled.


If someone has a collection “just to show off” or “just to brag,” you’ll notice because they’re fucking insufferable. Nothing wrong with having a big collection just because you love dolls.

(I would go nuts with a big collection, but I love people who have a jillion dolls because I can stalk their flickrs for awesome comparison pictures!)

funnylori said: Dolls are too expensive to be unhappy with the ones you have. Cut him loose and get what you want.

funnylori, that’s my instinct, and really puts things into perspective. Life’s too short, dolls are too expensive. Thank you!

What are your thoughts on “revolving door” collectors?

I’m debating a Difficult Doll Decision (tm). My Iplehouse Claude has an AMAZING faceup and cool clothes but I never play with him. Iplehouse just came out with a boy that fits the character better. I only want one boy SD, so I’m considering selling my Claude and getting the new sculpt, which also would look better with my girl…but I’ve only had him since December. It feels weird to sell him, even though I haven’t really done anything with him.

I just don’t knooooow.